Cyprus adventure- Sightseeing by plane and helicopter.  

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Rock climbing, trekking, flying, skiing, bungee jumping, horse riding, mountain biking, jeep safari in Cyprus.

Snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, yacht treasure hunts, kayaking, boat safari in Cyprus.


Flying in Cyprus

A trip to remember from the air

Have you ever wondered what it is like to actually get behind the controls of a plane and fly it yourself ?

The first step to a private pilots license is to see if it suits you and if you are suitable.

We offer both small plane and helicopter rides.


Fly the plane introduction



 1.  Our introduction to flying special is a 45 minute flight with a qualified instructor who will teach you the basics and let you have a go.

1 person 315 Euros
+ a passenger 365 euros



Sightseeing by plane


2.  One hour flying towards Limassol, You will be able to see Stavrovouni, Lefkara and Ayios Mamas Monastery up to Yermasoyia dam - or towards Nicosia where you should be able to see Stavrovouni and fly on  towards the Troodos mountains) .

1 person 350 Euros

2 or 3 people 395 Euros

3.  Fly to Paphos airport for a touchdown and go (landing and continue back) to Larnaca for around trip of 2 hours and 15 mins approx


1 person  438 Euros
2 or 3 people 665 Euros

4,  Fyling to Paphos airport for touch and go and continued to Akamas to see the landscape and Avakas area, fly low over the sea and if lucky enough see turtles,
approx 3 hours


1 person 600 Euros
2 or 3 people 900 Euros


5.  Flying direct to Akamas area and be able to see Kykko monastery and other monasteries plus the most Westerly point in the Akamas,  Fontana Amoroza, the Baths of Aprodite and Blue lagoon,  for approx 2 hours and 40 min


 1 person 545 Euros

2 or 3 people 840 Euros




Fly the helicopter introduction


1H. For one person with hands on the controls approx 45 min including ground school.

600 Euros


2H. for one person with hands on the controls approx 1 hour including ground school.

Or for 2 people without 2nd controls


720 Euros



Sightseeing by Helicopter




3h. Fly towards Limassol where you will be able to see Stavrovouni, Lefkara and Ayios Mamas Monastery up to Yermasoyia dam or towards Nicosia to see Stavrovouni and flying on towards the Troodos mountains
        For 2 persons approx 2hrs,30 min  1

1620 Euros


4h. 2 persons approx 3 hours sightseeing. - 

1980 Euros


5h.  2 persons approx 3.5  hours of sightseeing.

2200 Euros

Helicopter pilot and helicopter for hire in Cyprus.


Take a helicopter ride in Cyprus - sheer heaven - an experience to remember





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